Meet Us

Meet Naniso Don’t be fooled by her apparent shyness! Naniso is a cheeky, curious and fun loving 10 year old. She has a knack for playing instruments and enjoys winding up her twin brother. Discovering the enchanting mbira opens a gateway to Zimbabwe that satisfies both her curiosity and identity. Meet Shinga Love sport? Love video games? Shinga Dumisani (Dumi) is your guy. He certainly takes being the older twin seriously and is bit cautious and suspicious. While he finds his sister annoying at times, he is too never far away to join in or help on her quests. Meet Gogo Zana No one knows her age. She doesn’t know either! Her mission is to save Bao whilst helping the twins, Naniso and Shinga, to embrace their African heritage. An eccentric, yet charming old lady who loves a cup of tea. If you see her talking to herself there is probably a good reason for it! Meet Bao A baobab tree in the middle of an English park? Not something you see everyday. Well, no one does except for Naniso, Shinga and, of course, Gogo Zana. As a magical tree, it goes without saying that his leaves change colour and he glows - when he needs to. Bao can take you into a world of adventure and learning, and have you back home in time for tea!
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