Hello! Our names are Naniso and Shinga, and we would love to share our adventures with you! Come and find out a bit more about us and our friends!

The Mysterious Melody on YouTube!

All 8 chapters of “The Mysterious Melody” have now been uploaded to YouTube! We hope you will head over and watch them, we had great fun making them! And we hope you are finding lots to do while you are at home. We’ll be posting other exciting things you can do on this website, so […]

Exciting News! Watch us on YouTube!

Hello! We have some very exciting news for you! Over the next week, we will be releasing videos of The Mysterious Melody, being read by SP K-Mushambi! Click the link below to watch Chapter 1 – 5am – and, if your parents or carers agree, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the new […]

Back to School!

Not only is it the beginning of a new year, but 2020 is also the beginning of a new year! Naniso and Shinga are excited to be back at school, and they hope you are too! Here’s a video describing some of the things that they will learn about at school (besides their schoolwork)! Can […]

African Inventor – William Kamkwamba

When he was a teenager living in a rural area in Malawi, William built a windmill which provided electricity for his families home. The windmill was made using spare parts and scraps that he found around his village. He got the idea by reading a book from his local library. He eventually made 3 windmills […]

An Akan proverb

Bao says: ” I like this proverb. Not just because it talks about me, but also because it teaches us that we can learn from the knowledge and the experiences of other people, even people who may seem different from us. It is important to understand that other people can teach us things that we […]

It’s Black History Month 2019!

Hi everyone! Did you know that every October in the UK, we observe Black History Month? During the month we celebrate the contributions that people of African, Asian and Caribbean backgrounds have made to this country! You can go to CBBC Newsround to learn more about this month long festival. During October we will be […]

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