Hello! Our names are Naniso and Shinga, and we would love to share our adventures with you! Come and find out a bit more about us and our friends!

Make a paper elephant!

Hi – we love elephants! Did you know that they are one of the “Big Five” animals to see on safari in Africa, along with lions , leopard, Cape buffalo and the rhinocerous! We like them so much that Naniso wanted to make some paper elephants to decorate the house! Watch the video to see […]

Shinga shares Sadza!

Amai patted my left hand just as I was about to put a yummy mound of sadza and delicious vegetable relish into my mouth, which was pretty embarrassing. Takao my friend from school had come home for dinner. Last time I was at his house he had showed me how to use chopsticks properly, and […]

It’s the weekend!

Click below and let’s dance to the Naniso and Shinga theme tune! The twins are definitely going to have fun this weekend (and finish their homework of course)! What are you up to this weekend?

Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book day everyone! Just like you, the twins are dressing up as their favourite book characters and thinking about their favourite books. Soon you’ll be able to read more about their adventures! For now, happy reading!

Meet Gogo Zana!

Hi kids! Gogo Zana would like to say hello! Ask your parents to print out this picture for you to colour in! Don’t forget, she loves her colourful necklace and bracelets!

It’s January 2019!

Come and sing and dance along to the months of the year in Shona. Mwedzi ye gore! You can also download and print the crossword here and the word search here.

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